February 21, 2014

Kitchen/baking store in Dijon

In the center of Dijon, at Maillard, aspiring pâtissiers and experienced kitchen jockeys alike will find the tools and raw ingredients needed to succeed in the delicate science of baking. From silicone molds to Iranian pistachios, the store features a wide range of products in a tight space on the Place Bossuet. Expensive fondue sets, copper cookware, and ceramic casseroles mingle with whisks, cinnamon, and icings. Maillard also specializes in dragées, a candy with a hard outer shell. Because of its central location, curious cooks would be wise to take a five-minute detour to this store.

What: Baking/kitchen store
Where: 35, Place Bossuet, Dijon
When: Tuesday-Saturday
How Much: Kitchenware is of the highest quality and quality ain’t free.

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