April 17, 2014

Presents in Saulieu

When a store calls itself “Cadeau Gourmand,” it better have good gourmet presents. In the middle of the gastronomic town of Saulieu, this shop delivers the goods.

The proprietor, who runs the place by himself, offers tastes for every taste. From Burgundy, of course, there is pain d’épices, mustard, jams, snails, cassis, jellies, candies, and honey from the Morvan Park. From elsewhere in France, look for specialty chocolates, liqueurs, and colorful candy-coated nuts.


There is also a large wall of animals in jars and cans for every appetite: pheasant in white wine; capon in Jura wine; wild board, country, local mushroom, and paysan pâtés; terrines of deer, duck, and rabbit; quail on a bed of mushrooms; foie gras in every format; duck confit; snails; frogs legs; head cheese. This is the type of display that makes the local fauna sweat...and also a great place for presents for people back home.

Food Wall
The owner offers group wine tasting from his impressive stock of local, affordable wines. In addition, he prepares customized gift baskets, a sure hit with French and foreigner alike.

What: Gourmet food store
Where: 14, rue du Marché, Saulieu, Côte d’Or, Burgundy
When: Tuesday-Sunday
How Much: Up to you

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