August 12, 2014

Chocolate Store

In Pommard, justly famous for its wines, there is a different type of stop for the gourmet traveler. Right in the center of town, Michel and Beatrice Dessolins own and operate a boutique chocolate store. 

Behind a glass wall, you can watch all the chocolates being handmade: ganaches, pralines, or tablettes, as well as ice creams, pâte de fruits, and macarons. Visitors come for chocolate simple and complicated, ordinary and extraordinary. 

With a little advance planning and a few euros, Michel and Beatrice will prepare a chocolate grand crus tasting for guests: little squares of cocoa from Venezuela, Madagascar, Ghana, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, or Peru.

You will also find the grappe des grand crus de Pommard, little chocolate balls filled with pan d’épices, cassis, pêche de vigne, pistachio, truffle, strawberry, or apricot.

Situated above an old wine cellar, the mix of terroir and chocolate is hard not to love. 

What: Chocolate store
Where: Pommard, Côte d’Or, Burgundy
When: Open daily
How Much: Prices from about 5 euros/100g

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