October 19, 2015

Garden Party

Garden party

We had snow the other day. In October. Everyone was caught off-guard, and everyone was, well, a little annoyed by it. So, let's go back to a fond memory of the end of summer.

The invite said that it was going to be a casual gathering for our friend's 50th birthday party. Our children, ages 2.5 and nearly 5, were "la bienvenue" and the host's daughter might even pitch in to help out with the kids. A Sunday afternoon garden party sounded like a nice way to end the summer, so we were all-in. I had the kids practicing their "bonjours" and their bisous to get ready for seeing all the grown-ups and I put on shorts, my hiking shoes, and a short-sleeved button-down shirt. With temperatures expected to pass 90, I was ready to be casual. 

Arriving at the house at 12:30, the hostess and her daughter greeted us in snugly fitting black dresses. The teenage son was wearing a necktie. Most everyone seemed to be in pants, dresses, jewelry, and I spotted several shirts tucked in. Uh-oh, maybe I was taking this casual thing a little too, well, casually.

October 14, 2015

Pour les Français

Le jambon persillé à l'ancienne, spécialité bourguignonne

Si vous avez vu mon article dans le Courrier International (page IV), bienvenue sur mon petit blog. Merci d’avoir lu mon point de vue sur votre vie associative. Depuis notre arrivé en Bourgogne en décembre 2013, on a été très bien accueillis en Bourgogne. Vous êtes, et nous sommes, très bien ici. Vous pouvez voir plusieurs articles en anglais sur ce site, mais je vous invite à me contacter si vous voulez avoir un peu plus en français.

Bonne lecture,


October 11, 2015

Vineyard Walk

On the heels of a published piece in Sunday's Valley News, here are some photos taken today in the vineyards around Santenay and Chassagne-Montrachet, the former a "bargain" appellation in Burgundy, the latter a wine for king's and presidents.

The color...