November 7, 2015

Weekend Fall Photo Sampler

Look, I know what you're thinking. I wish I could move to France. Well, before you get too cozy in your daydream, let me tell you a little bit about the realities of living here. It's not all fun and games. Sure, it's charming and romantic. Of course it is exotic. Naturally, your senses are stimulated in a way they can never be when you are in your own culture. But the truth is the calendar is littered with challenges. 


For example, Sunday is shaping up to be a grueling day. Around 11:30, I need to go to the town hall in Arnay-le-Duc to witness the induction ceremony for the newest members of the Brotherhood of Chicken in a Pot. Once the formalities are concluded, I will be obligated to take part in the vin d'honneur, when all the guests congregate for a glass of wine. 
Cow sampler inside a fall sampler...bonus

After that, my wife and I will go to Bligny-sur-Ouche, where we will join 150 people in a five-course meal featuring, naturally, the aforementioned Chicken in a Pot, or la Poule au Pot, as it is said in French. The first course showcases ris de veau, or veal sweetbreads; escargots; quail egg poached in a cheese sauce; and crème brûlée with foie gras. 
Château de Bazoches

Remember, that is the first course

There will be wines to match each course, all of them from Burgundy (duh!), and I'll have to speak French the whole time. Life here is hard.

The worst part? After approximately seven months of a loose collar, I will be in a suit and tie the entire day.

I am exhausted already.

I will of course have more to say about the meal in both English et en français next week.
Our oldest coming down

Fall colors with château shadow

Meantime, to calm my anxiety, I took some photos over the past few weeks. This a little sampler of what my corner of Burgundy looks like in autumn. Enjoy, feel free to leave a comment, and know that, in all seriousness, I would prefer to watch NFL football Sunday afternoon. Or maybe not, given the Cowboys' record.

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